Glad you stopped by.   Those who know me personally will tell you I often do not have much to say. I’m a slow thinker and even slower  to speak.  But that doesn’t mean the brain isn’t processing.

Here you will find a random gathering of thoughts and  points to ponder that bounced around inside my head at various times in my life.  Responses to things heard, read, emotional responses, or just day-to-day irony.  Some of these sharings are rather old, but I wanted to try to gather them into a single place so I didn’t lose them.   The thoughts may or may not reflect my current thinking, but were responses of the moment.  Some are extremely personal and won’t make much sense to anyone else, some may resonate within your own soul.

My hope by sharing these thoughts is two fold.  One, that someone else may see a different perspective or something to encourage them they are not alone on their journey. And two, to keep myself honest and engaged with living instead of hiding in isolated thoughts.


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